Who are we?


A group of parents and carers of children and young people with learning difficulties, disabilities or additional needs, based in the London Borough of Hillingdon.


Our Aims ~


To represent the views of parents and carers in discussions with the local authority and, through this, to influence the way local services are delivered. We will inform the local authority of occasions when the experience of practice does not match current policy. We also want to play a more active part in service design and development by ensuring that the needs and wishes of our children and families are heard, and placed at the centre of these processes.




Hillingdon Autism Parent/Carers Engagement Evening ~

We had a meeting of the Autism Partnership Board this week and we are delighted to report that we plan to hold smaller scale follow-up sessions on a quarterly basis but only covering one topic each time. This is as a direct result of the feedback you gave us and we will be in contact nearer the time with suggested topics for the first event which I hope we will run around September time.


Parent feedback from the event was very positive as shown by the ratings given for the overall event.


Excellent 54%

Good 42%

Average 2%

Poor 2%

Very Poor 0%


The topics you requested further follow-up on were:


- Education

- Transition to secondary

- Leisure and activities

- Comms been CDC and school (SALT)

- Behaviour

- Home schooling

- Autism in girls

- Support for parents

- Eating/diet

- Sensory issues

- Mainstream school support

- Under 5s

- Transition from nursery to mainstream


Unfortunately we are not permitted to publish any video footage of the evening. Slides Available on our Past Event Slides and Info Page.

Hillingdon PCF NEWS ~

Respite & Short Break Event ~ Again we had good attendance at Mencap Hillingdon South with very good feedback. You can see the presentations we was given by going to our Past Events and Info Page.

Hillingdon PCF 2018 Survey ~ Click Here to see the Survey in the PDF Format

March was a very busy and yet Fanatastic month meeting many new Parent/Carers in Hillingdon.

This month we ran the third Challenging Behaviour Workshop where the Trainer (Sarah Fisher) trained Parent/Carers in the Non-Violent Resistance Approach to Challenging Behaviour. We will run another Workshop soon for those who have not yet attend but would benefit from the workshop. Based on last years survey and the many coffee mornings we have have attend at Schools many parents would benefit and we have had brilliant feedback from all 3 workshops we have run so far.

We had the Disability Law and Rights Conference at the Yiewsley Baptist Church on the 8th of March with guest speaker being Steve Broach Barrister covering Disabled Children, Young People and Families (The Law Today). We have shared the slides on the "past events slides and info" page.

On the 14th March we had our second annual Engagement Evening where we met Parent/Carers on a social relaxed enviroment and invited other support groups, professinals and charitities in the borough to provide info of their services including Lauren Mawsdley (Disability Sports Coach @ Botwell), Carmen To (Royal Society for Blind Children), Amy Slade (Mental Health advisor for Brunel), Peter De-Casagrande (Disability advisor - Dyslexia for Brunel), Gary Leaderman (Hillingdon DADS), Madeleine Jarvis (Hillingdon Carers) & Stephanie Mullally, Cat Ford & Katherine Eaton (HACS), along with info from Centre for ADHD & Autism Services and MENCAP Hillingdon South.

We was also again invited to have a information table at the fantastic AKO Autism EXPO by Anna Kennedy on the 10th March. Where we invited 3 members of the Hillingdon LA SEN team also so they could experience the Autism Reality Experiences they had at their event.

Coffee Mornings ~

We are delighted to be invited to have a Stall at St Marys Summer Fete in June, so that we can meet ore SEN Parents at the their Schools. We are still to confirm dates are Guru Nanak and Queensmead. Having been at the Inclusion Conference with Sencos from all Hillingdon Schools invited we are hoping soon to have many calls to attend a lot more Schools in the borough.


If you would like us to attend your school for a coffee morning or engaement meeting for SEN Parent/Carers please speak to your School and ask them to invite us on hillingdonpcf@gmail.com.


We have updated our website so that it will be easier for the Hillingdon PCF Reps at the Workstreams & Meetings for your Reps to represent your views better. Please foolw the 3 steps below-


1. Please go to the Contact us Page on this website.

2. Have a look at the current workstreams and meetings we attend on your behalf

3. If you have a view or a specific issue either good or bad please click the relevant link and you will be able to send an email direct to us regarding your view on the workstream and meeting.

Message from Kevin Bugler (Chair).

We would like to hear from you about any difficulties you may be experiencing or experienced and any good practices we can share, so we can communicate with the authorities to help improve circumstances for all Parent Carers, caring for 0-25 year olds in the Hillingdon Borough.

The more information we have from you the more we can help by bringing the problems to those who are in the position to make things better for everyone. So please come along to the Meetings, Coffee Mornings and Events below for a chat wth us and other Parent Carers.

You can contact us as always on our Contact Us page, Facebook and Twitter or email us

at hillingdonpcf@gmail.com or on 07783 579 678.